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Mainly Special Needs Travel Services

Mainly Special Needs Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in creating vacation and travel arrangements for people with special physical and health needs and their families.

Mainly Special Needs Travel enables individuals with mobility, health or other challenges, to travel safely and with confidence that their special needs will be met and will not burden loved ones and friends traveling with them. We also address many of the challenges a person with special needs faces when traveling alone.

Mainly Special Needs Travel clearly is in a league of its own.
Our expertise is in resolving special travel needs of persons arising from illness, injury or age-related conditions. These needs can range from special accommodations in hotels or onboard cruise ships to renting equipment (such as wheelchairs and walkers, oxygen apparatus).

Mainly Special Needs Travel obtains dialysis and other treatments, arranges special dietary needs, and even provides support personnel (such as healthcare aides) to accompany clients with their family members or friends

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Travel Planning and Booking
  • Accessible accommodations in hotels or on cruise ships
  • Treatments such as dialysis are set up ahead
  • Group escorts
  • Pre-boarding arranged to ease airport or seaport procedures
  • Private transportation to and from airport or other venues
  • Special vehicles and logistics as needed

At Home Temporary Healthcare:
If loved ones are incapable of accompanying their families, Mainly Special Needs Travel can arrange respite care at home (including temporary health workers through Interim Healthcare) or in another appropriate setting. This provides a dependable means for the family caregiver(s) to get some time off, even if for a only a short period.

Mainly Special Needs Travel’s success is based on anticipation of and preparedness for circumstances that may arise in any venue or at any time.

Let Mainly Special Needs Travel, a unit of Mainly Meetings Travel, put your concerns to rest! Please call 201-568-2146 or email

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